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Unworkmanlike performance slumping cement sealing discharge pipe

Unworkmanlike performance slumping cement sealing discharge pipe

Basement Waterproofing Corporation Reviews

AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation reviews are readily available on the web or from their own site.  This is standard across the industry and a starting point for consumers.  One has to be careful because these are only a sample, possibly a very small sample, of the opinions of many customers.  At least it gives you something to question the salesman about.  The following is a list of such places to look.  I’ll be adding to this as the days go by.

Angie’s List is good but I think you have to be a member and that costs money.  On the other hand, if you already belong, it’s worth checking out.  Pay particular attention to the number of reviews and the types of reviews.  Sometimes you can see a pattern where large jobs draw more negative reviews than small jobs.  Regardless, it’s a place to start.

Thumbtack is a free site but doesn’t contain details of the customer reviews.  It provides a rollup of star ratings (1 to 5, i.e. terrible to excellent) and the number of raters.  It, like Home Advisor (see below) trys to connect you with a “Service Pro” by asking questions about your needs, location, etc.  You can view ahead of time individual companys and reviews by selecting the service type you need and then scrolling through providers that they list.

Home Advisor is free site that, similar to Thumbtack, walks you through a process that tries to connect you to contractors that might be able to help you.  You can also see a rollup of individual reviews, which is useful because it gives you more insight into individual experiences.  I’ve been in contact with them and found out that I can’t post a review (neither can anyone else) because only consumers who actually got a “recommendation” from their site, i.e., are ‘paired” by Home Advisor with a contractor can actually review that advisor.  Nonetheless I provided them with information that they will use, though exactly how is unclear.

Yelp is another free site that, besides food and entertainment, provides reviews of “local” businesses.  An important tip is this:  If you’re looking for a business that isn’t very near to you, and you know where it is approximately, put either the name of the town in the location or put the zip code of the business.  Otherwise you may get a bunch of listings that you aren’t interested in.  Yelp defaults to San Franciso!  Of course if you really do want reviews of companies in your immediate area (assuming it isn’t San Francisco), then by all means enter your location or zip code.  In the former case if, for example, you were interested in reading reviews on AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation of Beltsville, Maryland then you would enter the name of the business or even something like “Basement Waterproofing” and then for the location “Beltsville, Maryland”.  Then you can see the business site, such as it is, and any reviews people have written on that business.

The Better Business Bureau doesn’t accept reviews but they do take complaints.  I filed one back in December 2011 against AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation but because I didn’t ask for them to intercede on my behalf they apparently shelved my complaint.  Regardless, BBB has some interesting statistics regarding businesses.  For example, in the case of AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation, something in excess of 25 complaints were filed against them in the last 36 months. How does that compare with other companies that BBB tracks?  The following statistics are from the BBB site which contains what they call an “Industry Comparison Chart”.  Of the 53 companies that BBB tracks which they consider of same relative size and business type, 60% had no complaints, 26% had 1 to 4 complaints, 10% had 5 to 25 complaints, and only 4% (i.e, only 2 of the companies) had more than 25 complaints.  AquaGuard Waterproofing Company was one of those 2.

8 comments on “Review AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation and Others

  1. neimezr
    March 19, 2013

    AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation reviews available on Home Advisor but I”ve been having a hard time trying to post my own. Not sure what the problem is, though I’ve seen online that some complain about services refusing to post negative reviews. I doubt that’s the case here. I’ll keep trying. Services that filter reviews and favor or only allow positive ones are not very helpful to consumers.

    • Luis
      June 16, 2013

      Hai ..I want to install water puferiir to whole house bcoz in our house ground water is full hard and not only for drinking purpose and for usage also we want soft water.So, can u Please provide me the list of models, photos and cost of that puferiir which is suitable for my home.Send details to the above email idThanks & RegardsMithun

      • Russ R
        June 16, 2013

        Hi Luis,

        Actually there isn’t a purifier involved in my basement waterproofing fiasco. There were a couple of sump pumps installed and they are made by Zoeller. Fortunately (I think!) they’ve never actually run because the entire interior trench path is so useless, both in concept for solving the water seepage problem in my house and in the actual installation, that there’s never been enough water in the sump pit to actually cause the float to turn on the pumps! Best Wishes. Russ

  2. Mark Anderson
    January 3, 2020

    i have followed your entire story from start to finish, very sad and sorry it happened to you guys. Truth be told, it happens all the time, all cities/states and the culprits, the scammers are almost always interior basement drainage system companies, yep. Per you looking for services that would actually help homeowners in this business, good luck, i’ve been in this business for 41 years, i know this business, Angie’s list, Home Adv, etc are pretty much all crap, yep, most in this business from ocean to ocean are inside system scammers, truth, they mislead, lie and tell homeowners all kinds of bogus crap in order to sell them the one thing they do which of course is install a water-diverting system in the basement and most homeowners actual problem (s) , other than needing a plumber for a blockage in lateral line/cleanout, are exterior cracks in foundation walls, deteriorated rod holes and other direct openings into houses which of course NO interior basement system repairs/waterproofs/tuckpoints etc

    • Mark Anderson
      January 3, 2020

      i’ve used some of my free time to help some homeowners in several states, NOT here in Mich, for free, that’s right. Have saved them from spending $12,000- 30,000+ on those interior drainage systems, there problems were what i mentioned above, cost them alot LESS and actually stopped the water from entering. I have posted hundreds of videos on you tube and home inspection site, obviously the home inspection site isn’t biased. … structural inspections. The homeowners i’ve helped out of state either sent 1 or more short videos of their problem or we talked about their problems on the phone which was more than enough for them to solve their problem and not get scammed so, i’ve been here, am still here yet i find it VERY strange few homeowners seem to really want honest, experienced help, most are in a big hurry and blindly believe the morons they call from Home Adv, Angie’s scam list etc, truth be told

  3. Mark Anderson
    January 3, 2020

    here’s a little taste test, 2 short videos, same house, the sellers and buyers got scammed , interior system company talked them into an INT drainage system and sump pump and wall anchors, 1st video here were the actual problems where the water was ALWAYS getting in and see the added damaged to exterior wall that the wall anchors caused allowing more water to enter

  4. Mark Anderson
    January 3, 2020

    and here is 2nd video, INSIDE basement same house, so the sellers got lied to and paid over $20,000 for what? Think folks, lol, Water kept entering basement, penetrating through those exterior cracks and holes in wall , buyers found us, paid $8,500 for exterior waterproofing, we did close to 3 walls, which is what was needed

  5. Mark Anderson
    January 3, 2020

    Donan engineers, they write in part, “Typically the failure is NOT from hydrostatic pressure but from the SOIL re-expanding… in simple terms a basement wall fails when the pressure of the soil exceeds the lateral strength of the foundation wall”, correct! So installing any type of interior drainage system and sump pump does not ever remove any of the SOIL, or underground tree roots etc, off of the foundation wall, nope. And all bowed in walls have exterior cracks so when you hire a scamball company who talked you into an interior basement system and lets say, some wall anchors or carbon fiber straps costing big money, they/you did NOT remove, relieve ANY of the exterior soil pressure which caused the problems in the first place PLUS, there are exterior cracks in the wall, so they/you… left those open for MORE water to continue to penetrate the wall, the joints, further weakening these walls

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