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Referral Logos NewContinuing to look at sources of reviews for basement waterproofing contractors like AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation, I’ve listed below a few others that are readily available on the web.  There are challenges with such reviews as there is little way to know how accurately they reflect performance.  As someone noted, when a person is happy they tell their friends, when unhappy they tell the world.  It’s likely more complicated than that.  Take a restaurant for example.  An unhappy customer may complain or simply not go back.  A waterproofing company may get stunning reviews for one aspect of their work, say servicing existing sump pump installations, and get terrible reviews for other services or goods they performed, or the other way around.  Add to this a company like AquaGuard that uses subcontractors and in-house crews.  Some crews, be they subcontractors or not, may be better than others.  Woe to the poor soul who get’s the not-so-good crews, especially if the company has little quality control, fails to inspect work, and / or as in my case stuck to their business of model of:  The subcontractor has to pay for his mistakes.

Here are a few other sites that I’ve located for reviews, along with some notes about the experience.

City Search provides reviews without having to be a member but has a limited number of regions that it provides reviews on.  You have to specify that region and it may not reach neighboring businesses.  The link I’ve provided is for the Washington, DC area and covers Beltsville, MD where AquaGuard Waterproofing is based.  There’s a Baltimore City Search site which is also useful but doesn’t reach companies in the DC area.  This “feature” isn’t all bad as it really does keep you local, i.e., you don’t have to wade through a lot of out-of-town businesses!

Insider Pages provides reviews without having to be a member.  Like City Search it allows you to also do searches on restaurants, etc, which is a lot more fun than reading reviews on basement waterproofing corporations!

Kudzu is another review site similar to City Search and Insider Pages.  Like OC Reviews, (the OC stands for Orange County in California) Kudzu was stood up to service a particular region, i.e., Atlanta, Georgia.  Why did I list these two?  Amazingly I discovered them because I was looking at AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation reviews and these two came up.  Both had a single, positive, review about a service experience with AquaGuard.  Why on earth anyone would post such a review for sites clearly meant for local, and very far away, communities is a mystery.   For completeness, I’ve added them here.

I can’t close out this list without mentioning Ripoff Report.  Don’t expect a balanced set of reviews but don’t ignore this site either.  Naturally what you’ll get there won’t be good news, just the bad and the ugly.  Still, something happened to move a person to post a review.  And, like several other sites, the contractor has the opportunity to respond if they choose to.  You may wish to include this site as part of your background research toolkit!

All of this has me wondering how one can make sense of so many sources of information.  Based on the last two, somewhat strange, places to find reviews I would suggest sticking to sites that are specific to your area or at least are both national in scope and do service in your area.  Also, if the number of reviews is pretty limited, maybe 10 or less (?), there’s a possibility of bias for good or bad.  This really cuts down the number of sites.  I’ll make my recommendations, based on experience digging through the sites, in a following post.

One comment on “Basement Waterproofing Reviews

  1. Kathleen
    April 5, 2013

    This is really good information.It’s important to do your homework before you select a contractor.

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