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AquaGuard Basement Waterproofing Subcontractor Disaster

AGW vice AAIC AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation crews are mainly subcontractors according to the General Manager.  Does it matter?  You bet!  AquaGuard ruined our basement; giving the entire job unsupervised and uninspected to an unlicensed, incompetent sub running an unregistered company. It doesn’t matter how reputable AquaGuard Waterproofing claims to be when they give your basement waterproofing job, without telling you, to someone no one would ever hire.

AquaGuard claims it was a simple mistake.  “We’re not perfect”, they cry.  No one expects perfection but a reputable company acknowledges their mistakes, doesn’t shift the blame on others, and works to correct the problem.  AquaGuard, when the gross incompetence of their subcontractor was self-evident, defended his work!  Indeed they kept sending him back to wreck more havoc.  Why?  Because it is their business model.  As their General Manager answered (A) under questioning (Q):

Q. …the only person actually sent out to fix it was the same guy that made the mistakes. That would be Kevin London, right?

A. He has to pay for his mistakes.

Q. Not AquaGuard?

A. No.

AquaGuard insisted I deal with the very person who was cheating me!  After a dozen written communications and complaints to AquaGuard over the course of a month, a real AquaGuard employee finally came out to look at the mess.  He reported back and the next thing I heard was they had fired him!

Many companies use subcontractors to do parts of jobs that they either don’t normally do or if they temporarily need help.  Regardless, these subcontractors must be licensed.  Not in our case.  AquaGuard used an outfit called All Around Improvements Construction (AAIC).  AquaGuard failed to check AAIC’s credentials.   They gave several excuses, the most recent being they were in a hurry.  Hurry to do exactly what?

It takes less than five minutes to check a contractor’s licensing, if you’re interested in the truth. They only had to go to the website of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Registration, enter the name of the AAIC owner, and they would have immediately found out he was unlicensed.  Or AquaGuard could have check with the Better Business Bureau regarding AAIC.  For some time one could (and still can as of April 2013) have seen the following: ! There is an alert for this business !  They could have asked for references.  They might have simply looked at his business card (see above) and noted the lack of a license number!  But those actions would have taken effort and…

… AquaGuard was in a hurry.  Not such a hurry that they couldn’t arrange to have AAIC do several jobs for them for weeks prior to sending him to my house.  When the General Manager was asked again why they sent him back, he replied:  “I sent London back out there because it was going to be for free”.  No company that was interested in the quality of their work, let alone the satisfaction of its customers, would make such a statement.

When you’re in a hurry you miss things, especially the opportunity to do the right thing, such as owning up to your mistakes and making a good faith effort to correct them, even if it isn’t “…going to be for free”.

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