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Basement Waterproofing | Avoid Aquaguard Waterproofing Corporation Failures

Properly Obtained and Posted Site Work Permit

Failure by AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation to get the proper work permit before starting basement waterproofing in my house was something that I would not allow to happen a second time.  Among their numerous breaches of contract, one of the most outrageous had to do with this skirting of Anne Arundel County rules.  What made this especially bad was the fact that I paid them $350.00 to obtain the necessary permits!

When I hired Chamberlin-Washington Inc to do a proper job, one of the first things I insist on was that they obtain all necessary permits.  As the picture above shows, they did obtain the permit and posted it at the job site as required by the county.  Had I known about the posting requirement I would have asked the disreputable contractor AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation sent to my house where the permit was.  Unfortunately I didn’t learn about AquaGuard’s failure to get the proper permit till weeks after the work was done.  This was just another example of how they played fast and loose with the rules when doing basement waterproofing at my house.

As I outlined in a previous posting, not only did AquaGuard  fail to get the required permit, they came up with the lamest of excuses for this omission.  They had over a month to get the permit and only got one a month after the work was completed and then only because I complained to them and demanded an explanation.  What followed was a combination of farce and stupidity on their part.

Here are the facts in chronological order, repeated from that posting for the record.

1).  On November 2, 2011 I contracted AquaGuard to install water management system, paying them $350 for permit fees.

2).  On November 27 through Dec 2, 2011, approximately four weeks after contracting them to do the work,  AquaGuard installs their so-called water management system and smears exterior roofing tar on interior walls of my basement.  Unbeknownst to me, they had yet to actually apply for the required permit.

3).  On December 30, 2011, approximately 2 months after the contract was signed and almost a month after the work was completed, I find out they hadn’t applied for the permit.  I then requested an explanation from AquaGuard regarding this lack of a permit via email.  As was their habit, AquaGuard never responded to me.

4).  On January 12, 2012, two and a half months after contract signing, and after I threatened to sue them for breach of contract, AquaGuard finally applies for a permit.

5).  On February 5, 2012, 3 months after the contract was signed, AquaGuard’s General Manager in a letter to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission denies needing a permit!

In summary, AquaGuard had the contract for the work at the beginning of November yet failed to obtain the required permit till mid January, almost 2 and a half months later and only then under threat of a law suit.  They have several excuses but none of them explain why, several weeks after they finally got a permit, their General Manager had the audacity to tell the Maryland Home Improvement Commission that no permit was necessary!  How does a company charge a customer $350 in permit fees, fail to get them as required, apply for them weeks too late, and then claim they weren’t needed?  Whatever else one may think, this is clear incompetence, or worse.

Chamberlin-Washington Inc, on the other hand, made sure they had the required permits before starting the work.  They posted them as required by the county.  They contacted the county inspector and had inspections periodically conducted throughout the work.  In other words, they behaved in a thorough reputable way, unlike the clowns I dealt with before.  Basement waterproofing can be done properly, but you need to do your homework and hire a reputable outfit.

3 comments on “Basement Waterproofing | Avoid Aquaguard Waterproofing Corporation Failures

  1. mark anderson
    February 12, 2014

    Hello again Russ, yes, some cities require permits, some do not. Either way people should hire a state licensed/insured contractor. Even when some homeowners hire a licensed/insured company who obtains a PERMIT, if that company is an INTERIOR basement drainage system company like Aquaguard, and even if their system was installed correctly and OK’d by the city, it does NOT at all mean the homeowner(s) got/paid for, what was really needed. There have been and will be many others who will get lied to, cheated by inside system co’s because they will keep misleading, misrepresenting most homeowners actual problems and REAL solutions, like yours. Your problems and solution, like most, were on the outside, not inside. I’ve seen countless homeowners over 3 decades have an interior basement system company obtain a permit and the city inspector actually,and incompetently, negligently, OK’d it…….problems and solutions were on the outside!

  2. Russ R
    February 14, 2014

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the comments. The permit problem I had with AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation was, I believe, symptomatic of deeper problems with that outfit. After several weeks of complaining, without results, “The Trusted Name In Waterproofing” finally sent out their head of work crews (or some such title) who, when I asked about their failure to get a permit, replied he could write me a check for the money I paid them! Of course this was totally wrong and I told him so. AquaGuard actually fired this guy shortly after, which made him essentially unavailable to testify at the arbitration hearing. It would have been great to get his testimony about their inner workings, but that’s history. AquaGuard claims they have nothing to hide, so why fire the guy? And, if they have nothing to hide, why fail to produce the sales folder that they showed me when inducing me to sign a contract? I requested this from them several times in the run up to the hearings, but they never even acknowledged it existed, let alone produce it. Could it be that the statements they made within that booklet about a competitor, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, were criminal misrepresentations against another company? We’ll never know because they kept that potentially damning information out of the record! Nothing to hide? What a laugh!

  3. mark anderson
    February 20, 2014

    Hi Russ, keep up the good info/facts please. Can’t tell you guys enough, feel bad for ya’s, all the crap, lies etc you went through. Like SO MANY others, all you wanted, all you were looking for was the truth, the facts as to why-where water was ACTUALLY getting in your basement and the correct/honest means of repairing it. buy yet again, another interior system company lies, omits the facts, the truth in order to get another job based on false, misleading information…..they win and the homeowner loses. Not only ‘lose’ (not the best word but you know what I mean sir) but be forced to go through soooo much CRAP all because an interior basement drainage company was negligent, incompetent and fraudulent……happens all the time, many states.

    Note– Mid Atlantic W’g is just another incompetent, negligent interior system company, many….many customer complaints as well! SAME CRAP, different interior system company, yes sir.

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