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Basement Waterproofing | AquaGuard Sloppy Workmanship

Leaking Joint Pic

AquaGuard’s work crew was manifestly incompetent when performing basement waterproofing in my home, messing up practically every aspect of the job.  When I complained to AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation, the self-styled “Trusted Name in Waterproofing” did nothing. When I sent pictures, those were ignored.  When someone from the company finally came out to see what all the fuss was about, that person was never heard from again.  Only later did I find out that same person was “terminated”.  During the entire work process, AquaGuard never sent anyone out to inspect the work being done, even though their headquarters was less than 30 minutes from my house.  Buyer Beware!

As the Arbitrator noted in the Award of Arbitration:  “Virtually every aspect of the project was improperly performed or not performed at all.”  The Arbitrator went on to specifically note the many, many such examples including the following: “The discharge piping was not installed properly and in fact leaked in at least one location”.

Let us look at the details of this last statement.  As you can see in the photo above, taken shortly after AquaGuard’s disreputable work crew had finished “working” in my basement, water is leaking through the joint where the long, vertical discharge pipe leaves the sump enclosure area to rise up the wall to the point where it will exit the basement.  The beading water ultimately dripped to the sump pump enclosure cover as evidenced by the small puddle just below the leaking joint.  Why didn’t the work crew see this?

I will never know why AquaGuard used such an incompetent work-crew.  As noted in previous postings, when I pointed out the problems in my basement brought on by these people, AquaGuard insisted on sending them back time and again, essentially turning a blind eye on their misdeeds, leaving me to deal with the problems they created.  Rather than dwell on their actions, let us look at how simple it is to do the job correctly.

There are numerous resources, pictures, and videos to show how one properly connects PVC piping.  One good resource, for this and other types of home projects, the Family Handyman Website.  Clicking on the link provided here, you will access this site and can search numerous topics.  There are other sites as well, easily located by search online.   I would caution my readers that I am not a professional plumber, contractor, or home improvement specialist.  Please research this topic further or seek help from a professional before attempting such a project!  Whichever source you choose, the procedure for connecting pipes can be summarized as follows:

  1. Carefully cut the pipe at a right angle, using a pipe-cutting saw or other rigid body saw to prevent the blade from wandering.
  2. Debur the inside and outside edges of the cut
  3. Test fit the pipe and fitting to ensure a tight connection at the bottom of the socket.
  4. Mark the fitting and the pipe for depth and alignment.
  5. Apply a light coat of plastic pipe primer to the pipe and the fitting.  This step dulls the glossy surfaces and makes for a better joint.
  6. Apply a thick coat of solvent to the outer edge of the pipe and a thin coat to the inner edge of the fitting.
  7. Position and insert the pipe and fitting with the marking lines offset by a couple of inches, then rotate the two pieces will the marking lines are aligned.
  8. Wipe away excessive glue with a rag and let dry according to the instructions that come with the glue.

It hardly gets simpler and, if you’re a professional, does not take very long to do.

If you’re sloppy, in a hurry, or simply incompetent, then you’ll shortcut on several of these steps, walk off the job, and wish the customer good luck!

I will never know exactly why the joint in the piping leaked.  What I do know is the work performed in my basement was poor, at best.  There are lessons here for everyone.  Consumers must not take it for granted that a company will deliver a quality product.  Companies must keep an eye on their work force to ensure quality work.  Workers must be knowledgable, take pride in what they do, and have sufficient resources to do the job correctly; including adequate time to perform the contracted task.

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