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Discharge III

When doing basement waterproofing in my home AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation sent a work crew that couldn’t even drop a plumb line or eyeball the discharge piping to make sure it ran vertically.  They were in such a rush to rip me off that anything they thought they could get away with was good enough.  Worse yet, when I confronted the so-called “senior inspector” (really, a commission-only salesman) with the numerous failings of their work crew, he had the audacity to try and blame it on my “unrealistic expectations”.  The people back in the office didn’t even bothering to inspect the mess they made but immediately started a campaign of “what’s your problem”!  Does that sound like a company that cares about the quality of the work they do?  Let’s look at yet another example of how they failed to perform in a workmanlike manner.

AquaGuard’s sloppy work crew rushed the basement waterproofing job, creating a massive and dangerous mess in my basement.  They totally subbed out the work to an unlicensed, disreputable company that wreaked havoc in my home. Of special note is the fact that Aquaguard Waterproofing Corporation never mentioned their practice of subcontracting out jobs.  Had I known that, I never would have hired them.  Why hire one company only to get another outfit you know absolutely nothing about?

As the Arbitrator stated:  “Contractor hired a subcontractor to perform the entire construction project”… “The Subcontractor did a terrible, terrible job”…”Virtually every aspect of the project was improperly performed or not performed at all.”

In this posting we’ll continue to look at the discharge piping fiasco.  As previously noted, the piping joints leaked.  There were several other problems with this part of the work.  For example, a quick glance at the photos above reveal the obvious fact that the pipes were installed at weird angles.  While this does not impact the basic function of the discharge pipes, namely to provide a path for water in the sump enclosure to exit the house, if is unsightly at best and plainly the result of sloppy workmanship.

How hard is it to drop a plumb line to ensure the piping exits the enclosure on a vertical line?  Apparently it was too much for AquaGuard’s work crew!  And they did it twice!!  For those unfamiliar with a plumb line, the line itself has a weight attached to it and the direction or fall of the line determines verticality.  The weight itself is called the plummet or the plumb-bob.  Wikipedia has a great article on the history and use of this simple device (Click on this link:  Wikipedia Article on Plumb-bob).  According to the article, the plumb-bob has been in use since at least the time of the ancient Egyptians.  

One would think a construction crew would have such an elementary “tool”.  Indeed the disreputable crew AquaGuard used on my house might very well have had one.  Of course the crew has to want to actually use it, i.e., take the time to measure the straightness of the piping.  Indeed a simple eyeballing of the work showed how crooked things were.  Time, as well as integrity and pride in workmanship,  were in short supply for these clowns.

Regardless of whether they had a plumb-bob or not, one need only glance at the pipes to see how tilted the installation was. It is a fair question to ask what they might have done to address this sloppy work.  Apparently a simple relocation of the sump pump within the enclosure was impractical, if they even thought to do it.  We will never know whether that was feasible or they simply didn’t care.  Note too, in the photo to the left, the gap in the tar coating on the wall to the side of the pipe.  This “shadow” is yet another sign of how quickly they slapped the “wall coating”on my walls, apparently in too big a hurry to bother and apply the coating carefully behind the pipe.  Not that I wanted MORE tar on my walls…

Which gets us back to the total lack of quality control or inspections by AquaGuard.  In an environment where the work crews are allowed to do the job with no one following up on the work, who can be surprised when the workmanship suffers?  Yet AquaGuard has the audacity to hold themselves up to the public as a company that:”…provides you peace of mind in knowing your basement is waterproofed with uncompromising pride, integrity, and value for life!”

We are not quite done with the discharge piping, bad as it has been to this point.  In a future posting we’ll look at something worse than what we’ve seen to date, namely the mess they made getting the discharge piping out of the house itself.

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